Our curriculum

Maths and English follow the National Curriculum that has been designed to be taught in maintained schools from September 2014. This is specific to each year group to ensure that all children are given the chance to achieve or exceed what is the required age related standard in both subjects and prepare them fully for the next phase of their education. Children have Maths and English lessons every day.

To meet the requirements of the other subjects of The National Curriculum, all classes follow our pre-planned topics. Most of these are specific to a class, and will focus on different areas of the curriculum at different times of the year. The main focus could be Science, History or Geography. They will last for a whole term or half term, so the children can really study the topic in depth.

The 'topic-based' approach to the curriculum which we follow at Hill View Primary means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a broad theme. The topics we choose depend on three factors:

  • the content set out in the New National Curriculum for each of the subjects
  • the interests and needs of the children
  • the core values of our school, to be a happy and healthy place to learn and being prepared for the challenges we will face in the future

For example, our topic in Year 2 in the Spring Term is "A Tale of Two Forests!" The topic gets off to a fabulous start with a residential trip to Fox Howl Residential Centre and allows the children the opportunity to examine the similarities and differences between a local UK forest and the rainforests of Brazil. They can also practice their Science skills by looking at how plants and animals are adapted to their environments, collect and grow seeds and plants and observe the lifecycles of plants and animals. Computing skills are then used to store, retrieve and publish their findings using graphing programmes and of course photographic equipment to record any exciting findings!

Their creative skills will be challenged through the construction of bird feeders, and using things found in the natural world to make prints. Literature is full of traditional stories featuring forests and these will be used to enrich the learning experiences around the topic.

Unfortunately not all subjects can naturally 'fit' within a topic and so these subjects are usually taught in a discrete way. Religious Education does not usually link with a topic and so it's taught separately and follows the locally agreed syllabus, including the study of different world religions. Science also has a broad curriculum and extra sessions are included in the weekly timetable. We encourage the children to be as fit and active as possible, so our P.E sessions cover a variety of different activities to suit all abilities and are also planned separately into the class timetable.

Please feel free to contact school for any specific, up-to-date information that you may require.