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 Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a good break, despite the weather.

In order to make sure we all work to keep the children safe please check here for any information we receive that can help with the safe use of the internet.


Here are some of the latest warnings:



Cheshire Police have been working hard over the summer holidays to raise awareness around the dangers of accepting friends on Instagram.   They have had several concerning reports around young people accepting friends from people they do not know.   One particular incident has been were they have accepted the friend who turned out to be an adult male from Turkey.  This male had started to send them sexual clips and photographs.   When this happened they were quite shocked and blocked them.  However this did not stop them from sharing the images and clips amongst themselves.  It only came to light when a parent found out.    Could I please ask that you remind children especially primary and their parents about keeping themselves safe whilst on the internet and social sites.


Sexting boys naked selfie recorded as crime by police


Sexting is becoming an increasingly common activity amongst young people, with many referring it to modern day flirting. Sexting involves sending explicit images of oneself to another, normally 'selfie's'. Sexting is actually illegal as it is the production and distribution of explicit images of children. Many sexting incidents happen through apps such as Snapchat as there is a perception that the images are only seen for a short length of time and cannot be copied or shared on. Snapchat does, however, have a new function that allows an image to be replayed (therefore making it easier to screenshot) as well as people having apps such as SnapHack which automatically copies images received without the senders knowledge.

Make sure that young people are aware of the risks of sexting, outlining that it is in fact illegal. Recent news articles have shown the dangers of sexting with the young person involved saying that he was unaware of the consequences. Due to the prevalence of sexting many see it as just something that happens without appreciating the risks.




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E Safety News


Runcorn Police have recently received a number of reports relating to a chat app OoVoo, OoVoo is a video chat and messaging app, and is available for iPhone/iPod/iPads and Androids.  You can also use OoVoo on a computer (PC or MAC).  With OoVoo you can video chat with up to 12 people at a time; you can see four people at once on screen during these video chats. While kids can use FaceTime on their iPods and iPads, FaceTime only allows for a two-way call.  OoVoo will let them have a little video chat party.

OoVoo is for the use of anyone 13 years or over children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the software although we have had children as young as 6 using the app. The app is open for whoever is on the app to communicate with one another; unfortunately there have been a number of incidents of adult males speaking to children through the OoVoo app. Along with inappropriate images and conversations being reported.

Oovoo terms and conditions state, OoVoo is under no obligation to review or monitor the content of the app or comments libel, slander, obscenities, pornographic, profane, threats etc, this app is NOT MONITORED.

When you first download OoVoo it will be open to everyone and anyone you have to go into the settings to make it private so only people you accept can contact you.

Please be aware of the apps your children area using, regularly checking their iphones, ipad, ipods, lap tops etc.




Unfortunately from April 20th, when we return from the Spring Break Holiday, the price of school dinners will rise to £2:40.

Morning break items will remain the same.





Hill View Primary School​ Gallery


Congratulations to our successful Netball Team who won the Runcorn School's Netball League this week!

Hill View's Victorious Netball Team.jpg 

Year 5 and Reception visited St Mark's Church to find out all about the wedding ceremony as part their R.E studies.

They all looked very smart and had a fantastic time.



It's not often we experience a Solar Eclipse. Everyone got a good view through their special 'Safe Solar Glasses'.


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