In maths we will learn how to:

•             count in steps of 2 and 5 from 0 and in tens from any number, forward and backward

•             recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones)

•             identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line

•             compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100

•             read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals

•             use place value and number facts to solve problems

•             solve problems with addition and subtraction:

–             using concrete objects and pictorial representations,

including those involving numbers, quantities and measures

–             applying their increasing knowledge of mental methods

•             recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently

•             add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally, including:

–             a two-digit number and ones

–             a two-digit number and tens

–             adding three one-digit numbers


In Literacy we will be looking at:

•             Stories in a familiar setting. (This will include planning and writing stories with an opening, build up, problem and resolution)

•             Information texts. (This will include presenting information indifferent ways. Beginning to organise work into paragraphs)

•             Diary writing. (Linked to our theme, the children will write as if they are in a particular place in time i.e. The Great Fire of London)


Our theme this term is 'Fire, Fire and Famous People'.  This will include:

•             Learning about The Great Fire of London.

•             Being aware of fire safety including the Firework Code.

•             Learning about famous people from contrasting times in history.

•             Being aware of personal hygiene and safety.


In addition, we will be taking part in African Drumming workshops throughout the term.




In maths we will learn how to:

•             Learn and use 2, 5 and 10 times table

•             Recognise odd and even numbers

•              Addition and subtraction facts to 20, and the inverse

•             Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers

•             Recognise coins and use these to solve simple problems

–             Interperet  and construct simple pictograms, tally charts and block diagrams

–             Use multiply and divide in number sentences

–             Solve simple word problems

  • Choose and use standard units to estimate and measure length/height, mass, temperature and capacity
  • Sequence intervals of time


In Literacy we will be looking at:

•             Traditional Tales

•             Explanation Texts and Non-Chronological Reports

•             Animal Poetry



Our theme this term is 'A Tale of Two Forests'.  This will include:

•             Knowing and naming the 7 continents and 5 world oceans

•             Comparing two habitats from different parts of the world (Delamere and Brazil)

•             Investigating what helps plants grow well

•             Examining animals and their habitats and looking at how they are adapted to live there