The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly!

During lockdown and as part of their home learning, Alesha from Year 4 and Lexi from Reception have been observing the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly! Their butterflies are now ready to be released at the weekend! 

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Sink Or Float?!

Thomas from Year 5 and Jack from Year 2 have been carrying out different Science investigations during lockdown!

They had fun collecting, predicting, testing and recording different items from around the house and discussing the reasons why the items sank or swam!


Your experiment sounds…

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Muddy Adventures!

Tyler from Year 3 has been enjoying exploring the Peak District during lockdown. All of his family went to Thor’s Cave in the Peak District and Tyler absolutely loved exploring this pretty big cave! Although they didn’t expect all the mud and they took the wrong route on the way up which was very…

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Sunflower Competition!

Alfie from Year 5 has been growing sunflowers before and during lockdown. He has also been having a competition with his sister to see whose will grow most! 


Wow those sunflowers are very tall Alfie - they're taller than you! Who won the competition? 


If you have been growing food…

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Helping The Community!

Harry from Year 2 has been continuing with his Beavers work during lockdown  and has been having weekly Beaver Zoom meetings! As part of his 'Help Communities' Beaver badge, Harry wrote a letter and painted a rock for a local care home! 


What a lovely letter and painted rock Harry! I am…

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Sunsets On Crosby Beach!

Tyler, from Year 3, has been enjoying spending a lot of time outdoors with his family and he was extremely happy when the parks finally opened this weekend and he got to enjoy some fun playing on the park! He also went to Crosby Beach one night after his Dad had finished work and they watched the…

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Lockdown Quests Continued...

A couple of weeks ago, Jacob shared his exciting lockdown quests from 'The Sea Queen'! Well his quests have continued and Jacob found some more treasure hidden in his garden from 'The Sea Queen'! She asked Jacob and his brother Thomas to keep her treasure safe, and if they did, they’d get a…

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Brilliant Biology!

Thomas has been learning about the body this week, he put his old school shirts to use to learn about some of the major organs!
Here he is proudly showing off his shirt! Wow your t-shirt is brilliant - I can see how hard you have worked learning all about the major organs in the body! Well done…

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You'll Never Walk Alone!

Noah has been enjoying playing football outside during lockdown as part of his daily exercise and he was especially happy when Liverpool F.C. won the Premier League! I'm sure you are very happy the football is back on TV Noah! 


What have you enjoyed doing during lockdown? Get in touch and…

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Cool Castle Creations!

Autumn has been very busy during lockdown, she turned 6 and although her party was cancelled she still spent the day smiling especially in the hot tub!  Autumn and her family have also been enjoying daily walks and had an adventure in Delamere Forest  as well as going strawberry picking in the…

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Everything Is Awesome!

As part of lockdown, when Dean has finished his schooling, he is allowed an hour a day of Lego building! This is a picture of some of the things he has built!


Wow Dean, they are all very impressive! They must have taken a lot of time, hard work and patience to build such detailed Lego…

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Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Imogen and her brother Edward made the most of the windy weather on Sunday and went to Runcorn Hill Park to fly their kites!

They had a lovely time seeing how high their kites could fly and the patterns they made in the wind!


That sounds like great fun Imogen and a lovely way to spend a…

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