The role of the school governors is to ensure high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

At any time, our governing body will have a mix of each of these types of governors:

  • Parent - elected by parents and serve a term of four years.
  • Staff - elected by the staff of Hill View Primary School.
  • Local authority - appointed by Halton Borough Council.
  • Co-opted

The governing body of Hill View Primary School has, in accordance with the ‘Instrument of Government’ a total number of 14 members. This shall consist of four Parent Governors, one Local Authority Governor, one Staff Governor, one Head Teacher and seven Co-opted Governors. Currently not all vacancies are filled.

The responsibilities and powers have to be exercised in partnership with the headteacher and staff.  Governors do not intervene in the day-to-day running of the school. When there are weaknesses in the school they have a duty to take action.

Name and address of chair of the Governing Body:

Mr Karl Ashton

Hill View Primary School

Beechwood Avenue



Governor List March 2023

Name ​Start Date ​End date ​Governor Type Responsibility
​Mr Karl Ashton ​22 June 2015 ​9 June 2023 ​Co-opted ​Chair, Educational Visits Governor, Children and Young People in Care, Training and Support
​Mrs Joanne Rowley ​22 June 2015 ​9 June 2023 ​Co-opted ​Vice Chair, Child Protection
​Mrs Tina Fitzsimons ​22 June 2015 ​9 June 2023 ​Co-opted Staff Governor ​Special Educational Needs, Safer Recruitment Trained, Equality Link Governor
​Mr Richard Jackson ​02 July 2015   ​Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Safer Recruitment Trained
​Cllr Geoff Logan ​09 June 2016 ​8 June 2025 ​Local Authority Disadvantaged Pupils​
​Mr Stephen Roach ​15 March 2021 ​14 March 2025 Parent ​Cultural Capital
​Mrs Clare Oakes ​24 June 2020 ​23 June 2024 ​Staff Teacher ​Child Protection, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Safer Recruitment Trained
Vacancy   Parent Literacy
​Mrs Laura Haslin ​4 March 2019 6 March 2027 ​Co-opted ​Sex and Relationships Education, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Ms Danuta Quine

Mrs Marisa Knowles

6 November 2019

20 June 2022

5 November 2023

19 June 2024







Governors Documents

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