Our School Day

The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm.  Registration closes at 9:15, after which time children will be marked absent. 

Morning playtimes

Later in the morning, children in Y1 and Y2 have a break from 10.30am – 10:45am; older children from 11.00am – 11.15am. The children can have a healthy snack of fruit or toast.

Reception break times can be quite flexible at the beginning of the year. Towards the end of the school year, they will join children in Key Stage 1 to have breaks at set times.


Children in Reception have their lunch at 11.50am and their break ends at 1.00pm.  Those in Y1 and Y2 have lunch at 12.00 noon.  Y3 – Y6 children begin their break at 12.15pm.  Lunchtimes for all ends at 1.00pm.

Afternoon playtimes:

Children in Years 3-6 have an afternoon break at 1:50pm till 2:05pm. The children in reception also have a break at 2:10 till 2:30, when they can eat their fruit provided in school.

Drop-off and collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, parents are encouraged into the playground and to the lower entrance area, or classroom doors for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. This helps to build up a close relationship between home and school – we want to have good links with all parents and makes sure children are passed over safely to an appropriate adult. If normal arrangements have to be altered (eg you are delayed or another person is collecting your child), please let us know. We have a password system for any changes to routine if a child is to be collected by a different member of the family or friend.  This avoids any confusion or upset. (Please contact school for further details)

Getting to school

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option! There are lots of benefits: it's healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road-users, and it respects nearby residents and parking regulations. If you do need to travel by car, please park wisely.

At present it is too unsafe to arrive by bicycle, as there are no cycle paths around the area. Access to the car park at the front of school is also restricted. It is for this reason we do not provide cycle storage within the school grounds.