Hill View – A Thinking School


At Hill View we are embarking on a journey with our partners at Thinking Matters to develop Hill View as a ‘Thinking School’.

Staff will be specially trained so they are able to introduce into the curriculum skills to develop thinking that is reflective, critical and creative.

As a Thinking School we will give regular and careful thought to everything that takes place in order to develop high quality autonomous learning and prosocial behaviour which will have enormous benefits for the school.

Successful outcomes will be reflected in everyone at Hill View demonstrating independent and co-operative learning skills, high levels of achievement, and both enjoyment and satisfaction in learning.


Meta Learner

As a Meta Learner everyone will begin to understand the mental process involved in knowing and understanding and will be able to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning.

To prepare learners to surpass academic expectations and thrive in a rapidly changing world we aim to give everyone a repertoire of strategies to choose from and the skills to select the most suitable strategy for any learning task.