It is of paramount importance to us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the whole Hill View community. The risk assessment is our response to the coronavirus outbreak and details the steps we are taking.

Also included on this page is the latest advice from Halton Borough Council and a visitor declaration form. Please use this if it is essential that you visit school. 


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Our school's risk assessment in response to the Government's 'Living with Covid' plan which came into effect from March 2022
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Included in this latest risk assessment are the steps we are taking in school to keep everyone safe. As I'm sure you are fully aware guidelines and restrictions are subject to constant change, so we will continue to update in the the light of any new considerations.
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This plan outlines the steps we will take if there are a number of cases in school following the recommendations provided by Halton, the Director of Public Health, Public Health England health protection team or the National Government.
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All March review measures in the Hill View Risk Assessment are based on current (as at 24th February 2021) government guidance following the intention for all children to return to school.
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The addendum of the Hill View Primary School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy contains further details of our individual safeguarding arrangements following the return to school of all pupils on 8th March.
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Updated Safeguarding and Child protection Policy Addendum, following school partial closure.
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Here you will find a short presentation containing everything you need to know about how to help your child work within Google Classroom.
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Within this document you will find how we approach remote education at Hill View.
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Following the challenges presented to schools by the current pandemic, we have updated our behaviour policy to reflect our approach to acceptable behaviour at Hill View.
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