Hill View School provides a warm and friendly environment for our children. The community that school has created nurtures their individual personalities and interests which has allowed them to thrive. The school is well-led - Mr Jackson knows all the children by name and is very approachable. We have been invited into school regularly to celebrate our children's achievements which we enjoy. The school provide a range of after school clubs and the teachers work hard to support our children's learning. Parent Year 4


I am delighted with the care the Hill View teachers, teaching assistants, and all staff show towards my children. My eldest is now in year 6, and there has been a real sense of care towards her and all the pupils in her class, which goes above and beyond any expectations of the school. I highly recommend Hill View Primary school to parents considering a school for their children. Parent year 6


Reception class at Hill View is outstanding, the teachers have such a caring nature and amazing ability to get the best out of every child and prepare them for their school journey. Former reception parent

Hill View provides the perfect balance between academic achievements and children’s wellbeing, whilst making learning and education fun. Parent and Governor

My child is happy going to school and happy when I pick him up, that says it all. Parent year 5

I find the teachers at Hill View Primary School very approachable and easy to talk to. I can get updates on my child’s progress as and when required to help with supporting them at home with home-work activities. Parent Year 1

We have had a couple of difficult years in school with the pandemic and home-schooling, and no one was prepared for this; after a few teething issues, the teachers, head teacher, and staff were very supportive of parents and children during this time. As a result of the school's focus on mental health and wellbeing, the children have access to additional well-being support in school should they need it to help deal with any effects of the pandemic or other issues. Former year 4 parent


I am delighted with the communication we now receive from Hillview primary school. The new website makes it easy to find information about each year and general information about the school. There is also a new app where we can receive direct messages along with email communications to keep us informed. During the pandemic, it was great as we had direct access to the teachers via their email addresses. They provided feedback to the children on their work during lockdown, which offered great encouragement during difficult times.