Wraparound Care at Hill View

At Hill View it is our aim to support working families through the provision of before and after school care that is affordable, flexible and easily accessible.


What is Wraparound Care?

Wraparound care is before and after school childcare for primary school aged children in England during term time, such as breakfast clubs and regular afterschool provision that runs until 5:30pm. The care should be available every school day outside of regular school hours and is aimed at helping parents access more childcare and work the hours they want to.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club opens from 7:30am for pupils at Hill View Primary School and takes place in the hall. It is run by members of school staff and can provide a variety of breakfast food items. The club runs till 8:45am as the school day starts.

Booking can be made via the School Gateway and should be made before 2pm on the previous day. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £3.50 per child per day to attend.


After School Club

Our after school club is run in conjuction with our partners Progressive Sports. They provide a wraparound service which cares for the children until 5:30pm and invloves a variety of fun activities from dodgeball to dance and yoga to craft, with each day having a different focus. Again booking is via the School Gateway and must be done before 2pm on the day.

There is a charge of £6.50 per child per session for this service.


Hill View Primary School is registered with the Tax Free Child Care System. If you would like any further details do get in touch.